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Loudoun County Real Estate Market Update

Your Weekly Loudoun County Real Estate Market Update – Week Ending 9-10-2023

Welcome back to our weekly Loudoun County real estate market update. Today, we’re diving into the latest numbers for the week ending September 10, 2023. We’ve got some interesting dynamics to unpack, so let’s get right to it. Homes Sold: A 41% Dip First up, let’s talk about the number that’s on everyone’s mind – […]

Top Festivals in Northern Virginia 2023

Discover the Top Fall Festivals in Northern Virginia: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide

As the leaves begin to don their vibrant hues of crimson and gold, Northern Virginia transforms into a breathtaking autumn wonderland. It’s that time of year when the air becomes crisp, and the scent of pumpkin spice drifts through the streets. Fall in Northern Virginia is a favorite season of ours, as the region comes […]

Metro Flower Market in Chantilly Virginia

Let Your World Bloom with Metro Flower Market

Who would have thought you’d be able to find a wholesale flower market where you can find flowers that come from local flower farms? Well, we’d like to introduce you to the Metro Flower Market in Centreville, Virginia.  If you’re a flower enthusiast or simply looking to brighten your day with the vibrant hues of […]

Northern Virginia's Peak Foliage Schedule for 2023

Relish the Vibrant Colors of Fall: Northern Virginia’s Peak Foliage Schedule for 2023

Can you believe that Fall is just around the corner?  If you’re a nature enthusiast like me, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the stunning transformation of Northern Virginia’s landscapes as mother nature showcases her vibrant autumnal hues. Luckily, we’ve got the scoop on when and where you can catch the peak foliage in this beautiful region. […]

Grape Stomping Fun at 868 Estate Vineyards

Squish, Sip, and Savor: Grape Stomping Fun at 868 Estate Vineyards

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate the beauty of the Virginia wine country, look no further than the annual Grape Stomp event at 868 Estate Vineyards.  This fun tradition brings together wine enthusiasts, families, and curious adventurers to enjoy a day of grape squishing, wine sipping, and amazing food. In […]

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