Who would have thought you’d be able to find a wholesale flower market where you can find flowers that come from local flower farms? Well, we’d like to introduce you to the Metro Flower Market in Centreville, Virginia. 

If you’re a flower enthusiast or simply looking to brighten your day with the vibrant hues of nature, this is the place to be. Skip the florist and go directly to the source at Metro Flower Market. 

The Floral Paradise

Metro Flower Market is a treasure trove for flower lovers and gardening enthusiasts. This delightful marketplace is not just about buying flowers; it’s an experience in itself. Whether you’re planning a special event, searching for a thoughtful gift, or simply want to elevate your living space with nature’s beauty, Metro Flower Market has got you covered.

A Riot of Colors

As you step into this floral wonderland, you’ll be greeted by a stunning array of colors, shapes, and fragrances. 

From classic roses to exotic orchids, and from cheerful daisies to elegant lilies, Metro Flower Market offers an extensive selection of flowers to cater to every taste.

Expert Advice

Not sure which flowers to choose for your occasion or how to care for your garden? 

The knowledgeable staff at Metro Flower Market are more than willing to provide expert advice and recommendations, ensuring that you make the perfect selection.

Custom Arrangements

Want a personalized touch? Metro Flower Market specializes in creating custom floral arrangements that suit your style and preferences. 

Whether it’s a romantic bouquet, a vibrant centerpiece, or a sympathy arrangement, their skilled florists can bring your vision to life.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Beyond cut flowers, they offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants to transform your living space into a green oasis. 

From succulents and ferns to bonsai trees and tropical plants, you’ll find a stunning collection to choose from. After all, we know that indoor plants are a great way to keep your air clean and fresh. 

Online Shopping

Can’t make it to the physical store? No problem. Check out their website to browse and order flowers and plants from the comfort of your home. 

A Blooming History

Established as a small family-run business, it has blossomed into one of Northern Virginia’s most beloved floral destinations. 

Over the years, they’ve garnered a reputation for quality, excellence, and a deep passion for all things floral.

Their commitment to sourcing the freshest blooms and providing top-notch customer service has earned them a loyal following. Whether you’re a long-time customer or a first-time visitor, you’ll be treated like family at Metro Flower Market.

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