We live in such a vibrant community here in Northern Virginia and we want to share new things to do and try with you! As October draws to a close, we are all in the Halloween spirit. Be sure to check out Scream Loco for a good scare and a lot of fun!

As the leaves turn crimson and the air becomes crisp, Halloween enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the spine-tingling thrill of haunted houses and eerie attractions. Lucky for us, Scream Loco is back this year with a new theme and a new location!

The Funhouse

Step into the spine-tingling world of The Funhouse, where Halloween thrills and chills collide in a heart-pounding experience like no other. This haunted attraction is a terrifying masterpiece, boasting hair-raising elements that will leave you trembling with fear. Venture through the labyrinthine mirror mazes, where your reflection is not the only thing you’ll encounter, as twisted corridors disorient and perplex. Beware of the psycho clowns lurking around every corner, their maniacal laughter and sinister smiles sending shivers down your spine. True terror lurks in the shadows, ready to strike when you least expect it. At the Funhouse, it’s not just Halloween; it’s a journey into a nightmarish world of horror you won’t soon forget.

The Chicken Necklace

Want to check out the haunted house but don’t want to be too scared? Just let the team at Scream Loco know and they will provide a magical device to ward off the clowns…

Safety First

While Scream Loco is all about terrifying its visitors, safety remains a top priority. The attraction’s staff is diligent about ensuring that everyone enjoys a safe and spine-chilling experience. No physical contact is allowed between the performers and guests. If you touch any of the performers you will be ejected, so stay cool!

Giving Back

The folks at Scream Loco really enjoy the screams of everyone that visits, but they love giving back even more. The volunteer performers become part of a group called Monsters Making a Difference. These haunt enthusiasts unite to raise funds, awareness, and to give back to the community.

Getting There

Scream Loco is located inside the Dulles Town Center mall at 21100 Dulles Town Circle in Dulles, VA. It’s the perfect place to test your nerves – rain or shine! They are open October 27th through 31st and again on November 3rd and 4th for anyone who needs a few more scares.

Purchase tickets in advance online or at the door. They offer general admission, group rates, and a ScreamPass that lets you skip to the front of the line. Prices range from $18 per ticket (group rate) to $40 per ticket (Scream Pass). Get your tickets now before they sell out!

What’s your favorite haunted attraction in the DMV? Let us know in the comments!