“Stephanie is a very dedicated and knowledgeable realtor, who was a real joy to work with. She was always very attentive to our needs, and went way above and beyond normal expectations in order to provide excellent service. She made the house selling process as easy as possible for us, so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of our own time and energy getting the house ready for sale. For example, she found contractors for all the work that needed to be done on the house, met them onsite, received estimates, and then monitored their activities and made sure the jobs were done satisfactorily. She made excellent recommendations regarding what renovations and repairs were needed, and what was not necessary, thereby keeping costs as reasonable as possible, while maximizing the selling potential of the house. We put the house on the market, received two solid offers that same day, and signed a contract the next day. Stephanie made sure that everything was in order, so the settlement went smoothly and flawlessly. Most importantly, Stephanie always was very personable, a great listener, stayed very flexible and responsive to our needs, was very committed to our success, behaved like a loyal friend, and made the whole process a pleasant experience. We cannot recommend her highly enough!!” Read More ▾


“Stephanie is a trustworthy realtor that you can freely depend on when you buying a house, land and etc. I had the honor of working with her and she made my experience extremely pleasant. She negotiated things at every step of the deal and provided full exposure and knowledge of anything that i needed. She is also affiliated with extremely talented people in the area and has a huge network of people who can also facilitate and provide their expertise in other financial, investment matters. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone out there including my family and friends. Thank you so much for your service and honesty. You have won my business for life.” Read More ▾


“Stephanie is very professional and yet I felt like I was being guided by a dear friend or sister. I was extremely pleased with all my dealings with her. I bought two condos from her and sold two houses with her. All successful and non stressful! Fabulous experience and I highly recommend her.”


“I was moving back to DC from Europe, and had a very difficult list of criteria for a place- short term lease, lots of space, specific geography, etc. Stephanie went above and beyond- calling around and negotiating to find me just the perfect rental that met my needs, and doing walk-throughs via Skype so I could evaluate options from afar. She'sI was moving back to DC from Europe, and had a very difficult list of criteria for a place- short term lease, lots of space, specific geography, etc. Stephanie went above and beyond- calling around and negotiating to find me just the perfect rental that met my needs, and doing walk-throughs via Skype so I could evaluate options from afar. She's the best! the best!” Read More ▾


“Stephanie was recommended to us and we very quickly saw why. She began helping me months before we even started working together, to help me prepare and plan for how we were going to proceed when the time came. Once we met and began the house search, she soon became like family and with her knowledge and expertise we were able to purchase a great house at a great price.” Read More ▾

Lauren Speer

“Stephanie worked closely with my wife and I to understand exactly what was important to us as we went through the sale of our property. A top priority for us was to move quickly and Stephanie rapidly identified the activities that would be necessary to list our property promptly and maximize value for its sale. She analyzed the market and helped us develop a listing price to meet our objectives. With this advice, we were able to sell our home in only a few days and received an offer in excess of our asking price. Stephanie helped with the logistics of our sale, including recommending vendors for our move and finding vendors to help with a few needed repairs and trash removal. She completely went out of her way to make our major transition seem like a routine activity. I would strongly recommend her to anyone considering selling a property and am confident that her expertise and commitment to excellence will produce similar outstanding results for others.” Read More ▾

Burke Cox

“Stephanie was a fantastic agent and put her full resources into selling my investment condo out in the Shenandoah Valley last month. She assisted with minor home repairs herself and coordinated with her recommended carpet store and painter for the rest of the work, who did a great job and at a much lesser cost than I had incurred with previous vendors. Thanks to her hands-on approach, the repairs and refresh were done seamlessly. And thanks to her real estate network, we had a ratified offer on the condo a few days before it was supposed to go on the market, and closed within three and a half weeks. Stephanie is personable, knowledgeable, and extremely hard-working - she really made the selling process so easy!” Read More ▾


“I’m grateful beyond words for Stephanie’s help during my search for a home. I was a first-time homebuyer, and throughout the process I felt fortunate to have her help and guidance. Not only did she put my needs ahead of hers, she did it with the patience and dedication that made her so easy to work with. Without her commitment, knowledge of the market, and ability to identify properties that met my specific needs, I couldn’t imagine having a more painless and enjoyable transaction!” Read More ▾

Sanu Babu

“Stephanie was very responsive during the entire process from initial contact through closing. Closing went smoothly and without a hiccup, thanks in part to her efforts in keeping things on track. She also got me everything I asked for in closing, and one additional item I didn't ask for.”

Jason Carpenter

“Stephane was recommended to us by a colleague of mine. She made the process of us moving to the DC area from Atlanta easy and minimally stressful. Great knowledge of the area and insight we did not have received with another realtor. She found out who we were and related that to the perfect area. Many kudos to Stephanie.”


“Stephanie was a caring and vigilant advocate for us. She took extra steps, provided multiple options, and represented our position strongly through all negotiations. Highly recommend her if you are seeking a trustworthy and loyal realtor.”


“I recommend Stephanie Callaghan because she gets the job done. She's a real estate professional. If you're looking to buy, she goes all the way with you. Communication is very important, this she does perfectly. I recently closed on my home, this was done because Stephanie handled it in a professional manner.”

Maquiver Flores