Are you ready to embark on a journey through the eerie and mysterious?  If you’re a fan of spine-tingling stories and the thrill of the unknown, then you’re in for a treat! Leesburg, with its charming streets and historic buildings is known for its picturesque beauty.  But did you know that it also hides some spine-tingling secrets?  Join us as we share our picks for the top 5 haunted places in Leesburg Virginia!  And, don’t forget to hold on to your seat!

1. Lynch House

Built in 1853, rumor has it, if you stroll down the hallways, you just might encounter the ghostly presence of “the lady in white”, Eliza Thompson.  Evidently, Eliza lived in the house during the Civil War.  Mention the battle of Balls Bluff in this house and the phantoms get ornery. They steal car keys and turn out the lights according to past residents.

They say Eliza’s been walking these halls for ages!  The story goes – Eliza had to fight to get her house back after her husband died in the war, a fight that took 13 years, so she just stayed there. 

 2. Glenfiddich House/Harrison Hall

Next, we have the Glenfiddich House, known to many as Harrison Hall from the Civil War era and built in 1780. But don’t be fooled by its grandeur! 

It’s here that the ghost of Col. Erasmus Burt is said to haunt. Col. Burt was mortally wounded at the Battle of Ball’s Bluff and died at this very location.  Allegedly, guests who stayed at the mansion reported seeing a “large blood stain” in the front hall that disappears seconds later. That spot is exactly where Col. Erasmus Burt was recorded being set down as a room was prepared for him.

Further, the Colonel haunts the house to this day and is known as a “daytime ghost” who craves attention. Will you give it to him???

3. Captain Head House (Trinity Cafe)

Speaking of soldiers, have you heard about the Captain Head House?

Now the charming Trinity Cafe, this building was once owned by Captain George Head.  Captain Head was the son of a Tory Revolutionary War soldier and rumor has it that Captain Head could be buried in the basement.  If you’re brave enough to venture down there, you might just encounter his restless spirit. 

Every property owner since Capt. Head has reported that the windows of the house have a tendency to open by themselves.  New windows have been installed and locks applied, but to no avail. Rumored to have been obsessive with keeping the windows of his home wide open even in the dead of winter, Head is believed by some to assert his continuing dominion over his home, insisting, to this day, on a draft.

Fancy a coffee with a side of ghostly chills?  Well, this might be your spot!

4. Paxton Manor – A Mansion of Many Mysteries

And now, presenting the grandest of them all, the Paxton Manor.  It was first known as Carlheim Manor, a 140-year-old Victorian mansion, boasting a whopping 32 rooms, each more haunted than the last.  Apparently, the house was built on an area that experienced plenty of supernatural activity and warfare.

According to history, the earliest occupants include the Algonquian Indians, who believed in the afterlife and practiced shamanic rituals.  Perhaps their efforts to reconnect with the deceased are what left portals to the hereafter still open. 

It was also an orphanage and now home to ghosts from the bloody battle of Balls Bluff. 

In 2012, the Antietam Paranormal Society visited this grand mansion and confirmed what everyone had been whispering about for years – it’s truly haunted! During the Antietam Paranormal Society’s 2012 visit, for example, an eerie voice appears to answer a team member’s question (“Is there anyone still here with us?”) with “Help… me…”

And if that’s not enough to convince you, a renowned psychic also reported strong spirit energy in the mansion.  Would you dare to stay a night?

5. The Union Cemetery

Last but not least, is the the Union Cemetery. And, while it’s not a house, it is the resting place of many, including a rumored civil war soldier. Visitors have reported seeing his ghostly silhouette during the late hours, forever guarding the grounds.

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If these stories have piqued your interest, we invite you to join us on a video adventure through these top 5 haunted places in Leesburg, Virginia. Our video delves deep into the history and eerie occurrences that make these locations truly special for those who love all things haunted. 👻🎥. Get ready to be spooked, amazed, and maybe even a little skeptical as we explore the supernatural side of Leesburg!

Leesburg, Virginia, is not only a picturesque town but also a place rich in history and stories of the supernatural. Whether you’re a seasoned ghost hunter or just curious about the unexplained, these haunted places are sure to leave an impression. Join us on our video adventure and prepare to be spooked by the ghostly tales of Leesburg!

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