Our weekly local business highlight is focused on all the amazing small businesses that make Northern Virginia such a great place to live and work. This week we are highlighting The Ballpark, a 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art indoor baseball training and entertainment complex. It’s definitely not your ordinary batting cage! It is a full active entertainment venue – like Top Golf but for baseball! 

Gaming Suites

Using custom technology, gaming suites allow visitors to choose from any of the major league ballparks or several college fields. Players can also adjust the skill level so even the youngest players can hit in their favorite stadium. The technology captures the speed and angle of the ball when it comes off of the bat and simulates the ball’s trajectory in the stadium. There are even fielders on the screen that react and make the appropriate play on the ball! 

There are also a variety of game options – Homerun Derby, team battles, or point games where the harder the hit, the more points you score. There are lots of ways to compete against one another. 

Hitting Lanes

The Ballpark also features 70-foot by 14-foot augmented reality batting lanes that allow for intense training or competition. Similar to the gaming suites, video backdrops simulate big-league ballparks, baserunners, and fielders. The pitches are real baseballs and come from a simulated pitcher 60 ft away – just like a real baseball field. Batters can choose the types of pitches and the speed. Fast ball, curve ball, slider … they have them all! 

This area is great for training. It’s also where The Ballpark hosts their winter hitting league for both baseball and softball. It’s a great way for teams to prepare for the spring season.


The Ballpark also offers a full service onsite restaurant called Homeplate. They offer elevated Korean fast casual cuisine like rice and lettuce bowls, dumplings, ramen, sandwiches, and more! They also have a full bar serving wine, sake, beer, and cocktails.

Take a tour of The Ballpark with us! Click HERE!

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