The Loudoun County real estate market continues to showcase its resilience and dynamism, reflecting a noteworthy uptick in activity over the last week. Here’s your concise update on the local market, bringing you the latest trends and numbers to keep you informed.

Surge in Home Sales: A Positive Momentum

This past week witnessed a remarkable 35% increase in homes sold, compared to the previous week. This spike underlines a robust buyer interest, maintaining a positive momentum in the Loudoun County real estate market. It’s evident that, despite the market’s fluctuations, the desire to secure a home remains undeterred among buyers.

Under Contract Homes: Indicative of Steady Buyer Confidence

An uplifting 7% rise in homes under contract further corroborates the strong buyer sentiment. Even amidst the wavering interest rates, this increase signals a continuous eagerness among buyers to navigate the market’s uncertainties. It’s a testament to the unwavering allure of owning a home in Loudoun County.

Active Listings: Slight Increase Yet Below Spring Norms

While there’s been a marginal uptick in active listings from the last week, the numbers still fall short of the typical spring market surge. This slight increase, however, provides a glimmer of hope for prospective buyers, hinting at more opportunities on the horizon.

Days on Market: Persistent Stability

The median days on market steadfastly holds at five, a figure that has not wavered for several weeks. This consistency reflects a fast-moving market where listings quickly transition from “for sale” to “sold,” underscoring the competitive nature of Loudoun County’s real estate landscape.

List to Close Price Ratio: High Buyer Determination

Despite a minor dip, the median list to close price ratio remaining above the listing price is a clear indicator of buyers’ determination. It underscores the willingness among prospective homeowners to meet, and often exceed, asking prices to secure their desired property.

Weekly Real Estate Update 10-22-2024

The Loudoun County real estate market continues to be a dynamic arena for both buyers and sellers. With sales on the rise, a steady flow of homes under contract, and a competitive edge maintained in pricing, it’s an opportune time to engage with the market. Whether you’re considering buying or selling, staying informed on these trends can help you navigate the market with confidence.

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