After more than two years of the pandemic, we think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready to let loose a little bit. But if you’re still a little wary of hosting an indoor party at home, then think about having an outdoor shindig. Now that warm weather is here, it’s the perfect time to host an outdoor house party. Even if you have a small yard – or just a balcony – you can take the party outdoors by following these simple tips.

Be clear on your invitation

When inviting people to your outdoor house party, make sure to clearly state what your guests should expect. Let them know that you’ll be eating and socializing outdoors and give them tips on what to wear. If you’ll be grilling food on the barbecue, then tell people when you’ll be firing it up so you don’t have to do it twice. And if you’re hosting a pool party, let guests know what else they may need to provide in addition to swimsuits, such as towels or extra sunscreen.

Figure out where everyone will sit

Most people will enjoy being able to sit down during your party, so be sure to have enough seats for everyone. If you’re inviting 15 people but only have five outdoor chairs, then you’ll need to think outside the box. If you have indoor chairs like kitchen chairs that can do double-duty, then bring them outside during the party. You can also use blankets on the ground or even rent chairs if you like.

Light it up

Lighting is an important part of creating an atmosphere, and you want to have just the right vibe for your outdoor party, especially if it will go into the night. Overhead lights can be harsh, especially outside. So consider hanging up string lights or lanterns to enhance your lighting during the party. Solar options are available in case you don’t have an electrical outlet outside. You can also opt for candles, especially the flameless varieties that operate with batteries.

Be mindful of standing water

Mosquitos can quickly dampen the party spirit. That’s why you should take precautions to help ensure that your party is as mosquito-free as possible. This means looking around your outdoor area for standing water. This is where mosquitos breed, so be sure to empty places where water can pool.

Create a playlist

Music is the perfect way to set the tone for your outdoor house party. Create a playlist before the big event that will assist in setting the vibe. Upbeat music is usually a perfect choice for summer parties. If you’re lacking inspiration, then just check out streaming services for curated playlists that match your mood.

Prepare for hot weather

You never know when a heatwave will hit. That’s why you should think ahead about how you’ll keep your guests cool in case it’s hot outside. Keep cold compresses handy for those really sweltering days. Stock coolers with plenty of ice to keep beverages cold, and consider using fans to help move the air.

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