I’ve heard wine consumption is up during our current stay-at-home orders. It’s no surprise, but I’m sure many of you miss your local wine bar or restaurant. I know I miss going to our own favorite spot, Wine Styles in South Riding. While they’re open for purchases and the monthly wine club shipments, the in-store sipping and socializing has been halted, as have the tastings.

As my husband and I enjoy favorite Italian varietals of Nero D’Avola or Barbera d’Alba at our kitchen table, I’ve found my mind wandering to some of the model homes I’ve toured over the past year…many of which had innovative wine bars or wine displays.

Create Your Own Wine Bar In Your Home

The great news is that many of these wine set-ups need not involve a fancy wet bar or expensive renovation of your basement. While you can certainly go that route, there are also simpler ways to turn a corner of your rec room — or even the wall of a family room — into a wine-themed nook.

These spots provide great little “getaways” within your own home when you just need to relax and unwind — and have a change of scenery from your home office, kitchen, or couch! You can buy some new varietals from a local wine shop to create your own wine tasting…in your own wine bar! And hopefully, before too long, you’ll be able to invite friends and family over to join you.

For inspiration, take a look at all of these innovative ideas. This is one of my personal favorites and puts me in the mood to pair some wine and cheese…

Notice how there are no permanent fixtures needed here, just a long table. The concept concept below also utilizes a long table as the focal point and pairs it with a cool wall display of clear bottles…

Because these arrangements aren’t permanent structures, they can be moved or replaced with other uses of the space in the future.

This one is certainly pricier and gives the appearance of more of a “permanent” bar with the stone work backdrop….but still keeps things simple since it doesn’t involve plumbing for a wet bar.

You can go an even simper route with a sports-bar type counter and stools in your rec room. Even though it’s basic, it still lends a festive touch to the space and gives people a place to set their bottle or glass while playing pool…or sit down for a beer tasting.

This is a more traditional set-up for a basement bar, but again, you can keep the cost lower by not incorporating a sink, refrigerator or dishwasher. You still end up with the look and feel of a full bar.

If you’re tight on space, you can always go with a type of baker’s rack or simple, clean cabinets and shelves tucked in a nook…and stocked with your favorite spirits.

Another trend I’ve been seeing is opting for a small wet bar in an upper level “loft” space off the bedrooms. It creates a little retreat where you or your guests can relax with a cocktail while snuggling up on the couch.

You can even incorporate the wine theme in a Dining Room, giving it an elegant and creative touch. No need to worry about where to store all your wine…this is utilitarian as well as beautiful!

And then, of course, you could go over-the-top with a full-fledged wine cellar like this…

Stay tuned for other fun trends we’re seeing in model homes. And if you’re in the market for a new home, let us know. While model homes aren’t open for anyone to just drop in right now, most builders are scheduling private appointments so that serious buyers have the opportunity to browse in a safe setting. We can handle all the details for you!