Dear friends, what strange times we are facing. I keep saying it’s like I’m in a “Walking Dead” episode or some other apocalyptic movie. Who could have predicted that we would be experiencing a worldwide pandemic in 2020?

This does totally suck, make no mistake about that, but despite the stress and uncertainty this issue has caused all of us, it’s important to see the opportunities it’s brought us as well. It seems to me that this challenge has made us slow down a bit. Now that most of us are working from home, which in and of itself has been an adjustment, we’ve removed the stress of a commute and are able to see our families more. And, we’re finding ways to stay connected to extended family and friends through FaceTime, phone calls and in person social distancing. How many of you have seen the posts on Facebook with neighbors doing happy hour together but 10 feet apart – that’s awesome!

Just last night, I did a group FaceTime with my girlfriends, one who just had a lovely little boy and one who just got two adorable little puppies. We shared a drink and chatted – it was REALLY NICE. We decided to try to do it most days so we can keep up with one another and support each other through this time. I’ve no doubt this will bring us closer than we’ve ever been, and I am so grateful for that.

I am also able to spend more time with my adult (18 and 22 years old) boys, probably because they are super bored and open to doing different things (like playing backgammon!). Whatever the reason, I am grateful. And, I see my husband and I doing more things together and being kinder to each other; as we all know, we are never promised tomorrow.

This challenge has also caused us to focus on our home as well and to do those things that have been on our lists for an embarrassingly long time. One friend of mine finally got to cleaning up their yard which had been damaged by the storm that came through a few months ago. It’s nice to be able to check those things off the list.

Do I think we’ll go back to our old “normal” once we find a cure for this virus? No, I don’t. I do think we’ll go back to a more “normal” but I sure do hope that we cherish the stronger bonds that came from this tragedy as well as a new sense of what home means.

Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you in person when all of this is over.