There’s a lot going on Easter weekend in Northern Virginia, and a big item on the activities list Easter Egg Hunts! I remember when I used to hide eggs in the house for my kids. Unfortunately, we were so good at hiding the eggs that we wouldn’t find them all. Then, over the year we’d stumble upon them and have a nice surprise for the day!

Enough reminiscing, on to the important stuff. Here’s where you can go for Easter Egg Hunting and other fun activities this weekend:

April 20, 2019


Lee-Fendall House Easter Egg Hunt @ Lee-Fendall House

National Community Church Easter Eggstravaganza @ National Community Church


Ticonderoga’s Weekend Easter Egg Hunt


Baskets and Bunnies @ Burke Lake Park

Community Easter Egg Hunt @ Van Dyck Park

Eco Easter Egg Hunt at Whitehall Farms

Falls Church

Easter Egg Hunt @ Cherry Hill Park


Town of Herndon Easter Egg Hunt


Easter at the Park! @ Morven Park

Easter Egg Hunt @ Leesburg Animal Park


Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt @ Salamander Resort and Spa

April 21, 2019


Lee-Fendall House Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt @ Restoration Church Loudoun, at Mercer Middle School

Ticonderoga’s Weekend Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg-Stravaganza Hunt & Brunch @ West Belmont Place at The National Conference Center

Easter Egg Hunt @ Leesburg Animal Park


Easter Sunday Grand Buffet @ Salamander Resort and Spa


Easter Dining @ Grandale Vintner’s Table


Easter in Waterford @ Cactoctin Presbyterian Church