Mark and JoAnna Shore

We were looking in Virginia, but then switched to Maryland. The realtor we were using was not licensed in Maryland and she recommended Stephanie.

We couldn’t have been happier with dealing with Stephanie. Other realtors that we dealt with would want to show us houses that did not meet what we said we were looking for. It’s like they didn’t take notes on what we wanted. However, Stephanie really listened to what we wanted and only showed us houses that met those specifications.

We made an offer on a house that had multiple offers. Our bid was the one accepted because Stephanie worked with us to make our bid the most attractive. Stephanie suggested methods to decrease the time to closure, and other methods that would make our offer the best, while not increasing the cost of the house. These methods proved fruitful, since our bid was accepted and did NOT go above the asking price.

Both my wife and I knew that Stephanie was on our side. That’s a BIG deal. When we sold our house with another broker, it was clear that our previous broker was NOT on our side. In the bidding process, Stephanie recommended not going up as high as we thought we might need to and offered other things to the seller such as faster closing times (through her knowledge of loaning institutions), with a delayed move out date (which was not an issue for us). This proved to be something the seller wanted more than a few extra dollars.

Stephanie lined up the inspector for us and he did a fine job. She also recommended the financial institution that could get a closing date in the time needed by the seller. Our credit union could not close as fast as needed.
I think Stephanie’s personality also helped, because I could tell that the seller liked dealing with Stephanie too. You want the seller to like dealing with the buyer’s realtor. I remember telling Stephanie that my wife seemed like she had a new best friend when talking to Stephanie.

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