Each year, thousands of people head to the theater to see the classic ballet performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. However, the holiday season at the Kennedy Center has taken a rhythmic turn this year as the Dorrance Dance Company performs an exhilarating take on The Nutcracker Suite.

A Rhythmic Twist on Tradition

In 1960 Columbia Records produced The Nutcracker Suite, Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s adaptation of the Tchaikovsky classic for a jazz orchestra. The album completely transforms Tchaikovsky’s iconic numbers. The reimagined “Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy” becomes the languid “Sugar Rum Cherry”. The classic “Waltz of the Flowers” adapts from a waltz to a swing as “Dance of the Floreadores.”

Tap Dance Extravaganza

Dorrance Dance Company, known for pushing the boundaries of tap dance, has taken Ellington and Strayhorn’s The Nutcracker Suite to new heights. With the infectious energy of tap, the stage transforms into a playground of rhythm and dance. The result is a captivating experience that pays homage to the classic while injecting a burst of contemporary flair.

The heart of The Nutcracker Suite beats to the rhythm of Dorrance Dance’s innovative choreography. The intricate footwork, syncopated beats, and dynamic movements of the dancers create a visual symphony. The juxtaposition of traditional Nutcracker elements with the modernity of tap dance adds excitement to this timeless tale.

The talented dancers of Dorrance Dance Company take center stage, tapping their way into the hearts of the audience. The precision and artistry of their footwork add a layer of sophistication to the whimsy of the Nutcracker narrative. Each tap reverberates through the theater, creating a symphony of sound that adds a thrilling dimension to the performance.

Magical Set Design

Complementing the rhythmic spectacle is the enchanting set design that transports the audience into a world of holiday magic. From the sparkling snowflakes to the grandeur of the Land of Sweets, the visual elements of The Nutcracker Suite at the Kennedy Center are designed to captivate and immerse theater-goers in a fantastical experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

A Holiday Tradition Reimagined

Dorrance Dance Company’s The Nutcracker Suite at the Kennedy Center is not just a performance; it’s a celebration of tradition reimagined for a new era. The fusion of Tchaikovsky’s timeless story with the jazz rhythms of Ellington and Strayhorn and the contemporary artistry of tap dance creates a nostalgic and refreshingly modern holiday experience. Whether you’re a dance aficionado or a Nutcracker enthusiast, this performance promises to be a highlight of the festive season. Head over to the Kennedy Center’s website to get your tickets!

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