We compare key Loudoun County housing market statistics to bring you the Loudoun County Market Update. This analysis provides as close to real time real estate market information as possible. We highlight key trends and changes to help you stay well informed in our local market. 

The Market Enjoys the Long Holiday Weekend – Weekly Update (Week Ending September 3, 2023)

Looks like everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, including the real estate market. Let’s take a look at the weekly Loudoun County market update for last week.

Homes Sold – Stable, but a Slight Dip

Let’s start with the good news. The number of homes sold in Loudoun County remained relatively stable, with just a 6% decrease. This minor dip may be attributed to several factors, including seasonality, buyer preferences, and the long holiday weekend. 

Homes Under Contract – A Weekend Slumber

The holiday weekend seems to have cast a spell on the number of homes under contract, which witnessed a 26% decrease. It’s important to remember that these short-term fluctuations often occur during holiday periods when potential buyers may be taking a break from house hunting. This is not necessarily indicative of a long-term trend but rather a temporary lull in activity.

New Listings – A Slight Slowdown

New listings took a hit this week, down by 33%. Various factors impact new listings. Seasonality, potential reduction in buyer demand, and/or the influence of higher interest rates could all factor in. While a slowdown in new listings can sometimes indicate a shifting market, it’s important to monitor these trends over a more extended period to discern the underlying causes.

Average Days on Market – Competitive Atmosphere Persists

Loudoun County’s real estate market remains competitive, with the average days on market decreasing by 7%. Low days on market signals that homes are still in high demand and are going under contract in less than a week. Sellers can take advantage of this competitive environment, but buyers should continue to be prepared for the fast-paced market.

Average Close to List Price Ratio – An Uptick

The average close to list price ratio has seen a slight increase, further underscoring the competitive local market. This uptick highlights the continued shortage of available homes, which is driving up competition among buyers. Sellers, take note – pricing your home appropriately is crucial to maximize your returns in this competitive climate. It’s important to remember that real estate markets can be influenced by various factors, including seasonality, interest rates, and buyer behavior. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a watchful eye on these trends over time to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our ever-evolving real estate landscape. 

Loudoun County Weekly Market Update

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