The Market 

New listings lack typical seasonal uptick

Unlike prior years, the number of new listings has not been climbing since the beginning of the year. New listings week-over-week remain flat.  Compared to 2022, new listings are down 44.5% and are significantly less than the new listings that took place in 2019. Tight inventory of existing homes, as well as a lack of new construction,  continues to limit selection for buyers.

Showings increase this week but still lag 2019 numbers

Showings in Virginia increased 4% week-over-week for the week ending March 26, 2023. Showings in 2023 are above 2020 levels but significantly lower than 2019 levels. 

New pending contracts up slightly

Weekly new purchase contracts rose 1.1% from the prior week. The number of new purchase contracts is 30.3% below what occurred in the same week in 2022. Both demand and supply are contributing to the lower number of new purchase contracts in 2023. Mortgage rates have dipped for two weeks yet are still in the mid-6% range which impact consumer buying power. 

Family Fun

Occoquan’s Peep Week returns! 

Stroll through historic Occoquan and vote for your favorite PEEPS® dioramas, made by and displayed at Occoquan businesses! PLUS check out the community-made dioramas in Occoquan Town Hall from April 4-8 from 10am-4pm.

By casting your vote you are automatically entered to win a $100 gift card to use at your favorite businesses in Occoquan! Forms will be available at participating business locations and Town Hall. If you are feeling creative, you can enter your own Peep Diorama and be entered to win a $50 prize to spend at an Occoquan business.

Entries are due by April 3rd and need to be submitted at the Town Hall, 314 Mill Street. For more information check out Peep Week

Local Business Highlight

J Morris Flowers

The freshest and prettiest flowers in Loudoun in downtown Leesburg are at J Morris flowers. J. Morris Flowers has the essential timeless ingredients that combine to create floral success: Quality flowers, time-honored craftsmanship, and an abundance of creativity.  This amazing florist studio with you to craft the perfect floral arrangement that satisfies your needs and occaision. J Morris Flowers has over 18 years of experience and thousands of delighted customers and it’s easy to see that they care about flowers as well as their customers. Next time you need amazing floral arrangements with unique designs and flowers you need to try J Morris Flowers.

Outdoor Activities

Pev’s Paintball Park

The ultimate outdoor recreation park in the Washington, DC area. Located in Aldie, VA and just minutes of Interstate 66, Pev’s is less than 30 miles from the Nation’s Capital. Paintball war games are a thrilling and exciting game of capture the flag where friends, coworkers and family, ages 8 and up, can play a heart-pounding game of paintball.

Pev’s covers forty eight acres with 14 playing fields; a town with 25+ buildings and props, a fortress with 3 mega towers and 8 buildings, a man-made rock field with caves, a scrap yard with spools and barricades, a log yard with trees and wooden fences, 2 artificial turf fields, and more.

Try This!

Tap In Golf!

The beauty of Tap In is its universal appeal to golfers, non-golfers and anyone in between. Accessible to all, Tap In offers an experience for everyone, in any season, at any level of interest and of any ability. Whether you come for the golf or for the welcoming, come-as-you-are atmosphere, Tap In’s all-season golf, high spirited entertainment, casual dining and full bar merge into one of those rare destinations that has something to make everyone happy.

Tap In’s climate-controlled golf bays and indoor putting green serve as a destination where you can always get your swings in, no matter what’s happening outdoors. Yet their mission is broader than that. They recognize that not everyone who comes to Tap In is a golf fanatic. Certainly, those who live and breathe golf will find kindred spirits here. But even those who have never picked up a club in their lives will find themselves enjoying the good food and drink and the accessible, friendly vibe. Tap In might mean different things to different people, but the end game is the same: a unique atmosphere and fun experience that wins everyone over.