ted kroll contractor

Maggie did an A+ job of selling my property and was a joy to work with throughout the whole process. She came to our initial meeting having already done extensive pricing research and analysis of my local area. Based on her research we quickly agreed on a listing price. She explained what the entire process would look like, the sales strategy and tactics she recommended, and the likely timeline. She also identified items that would need to be addressed prior to listing and offered staging advice room-by-room.

Maggie recommended using a ‘Coming Soon’ listing, which generated multiple offers before we were even ready to be listed in the MLS. After agreeing to an offer, I relied upon her completely to oversee things through the close. Before I had to ask any questions about what would come next, the answer was already there through her constant updates.

I highly recommend Maggie to anyone thinking of selling a property. Her marketing knowledge and ability to manage the entire process were of great benefit and comfort to me.

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