Stephanie is a very dedicated and knowledgeable realtor, who was a real joy to work with. She was always very attentive to our needs, and went way above and beyond normal expectations in order to provide excellent service. She made the house selling process as easy as possible for us, so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of our own time and energy getting the house ready for sale. For example, she found contractors for all the work that needed to be done on the house, met them onsite, received estimates, and then monitored their activities and made sure the jobs were done satisfactorily. She made excellent recommendations regarding what renovations and repairs were needed, and what was not necessary, thereby keeping costs as reasonable as possible, while maximizing the selling potential of the house. We put the house on the market, received two solid offers that same day, and signed a contract the next day. Stephanie made sure that everything was in order, so the settlement went smoothly and flawlessly. Most importantly, Stephanie always was very personable, a great listener, stayed very flexible and responsive to our needs, was very committed to our success, behaved like a loyal friend, and made the whole process a pleasant experience. We cannot recommend her highly enough!!

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