Maggie is one-of-a-kind! I can’t imagine how we could have found a better realtor for us! She is certainly knowledgeable and extremely helpful, willing to go the extra step and volunteering to jump in when needed.

At the time we were house hunting, we were dealing with a very sad family situation. Maggie proved to be especially kind and thoughtful with us. She did not pressure us to hurry up and make up our minds. Rather, she allowed us to move at our own pace, with gentle nudges to keep us on track.

Maggie was honest, yet realistic, about the price we should ask for the home we were selling and the price we should offer for the house we wanted to buy. When needed, she was always a strong advocate for us!

Maggie made the entire process of purchasing a new home and selling our home of 32 years relatively easy, beginning with patient explanations of the whole process and ending with successful settlements at each stage.

It was really a joy to have Maggie on our “team”, and we developed a close bond with her. She really is a lovely person and an excellent realtor!

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