John Divney

Maggie is hands down the BEST! With a short time window to find new place to live, Maggie reached out to me before I could even contact her. ESP! A mutual friend let her know my situation and she called to say lets go find a place this weekend. Within a few hours I had a nice email w/ a list of places to go see. I sent her back my own list, she went through it and we had an itinerary for the weekend. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a decision when you see too many properties in one day and I did not have time to waste. Maggie was sooo helpful in this part of the process, walking through the pros/cons of each one as we reviewed the day. I selected an awesome townhouse in Leesburg that I could not be happier with. The entire process was as stress free as I could have hoped for. THANK YOU, MAGGIE 🙂

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