Right now, in this strong Seller’s Market, you won’t see too many Sellers offering a Home Warranty to potential Buyers. But in times when there is more inventory of homes and things are more competitive for Sellers, it can help set their home apart — and reassure Buyers about a home that’s more than a few years old.

Assurance for Buyers…and Sellers

After all, Home Warranties cover many appliances and systems of a home and are therefore great to have if you’re worried about something breaking down. So it’s not a bad thing for Sellers to consider offering, even now, especially if appliances and systems like an HVAC unit or hot water heater hasn’t been recently replaced and is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, Sellers can even sign up for what’s called a Seller’s Plan to cover them during the listing period and through to Settlement. Then, if an appliance were to malfunction during that time period, the Seller would be covered, saving them money from costly repair or replacement when they’re getting ready to sell the home. (Imagine the frustration of having your dishwasher break down a couple weeks after listing your home!) On the day of Settlement, this Seller’s Plan can be converted to a Buyer’s Plan to cover the new owner for a year.


Who Pays?

Who pays for a Home Warranty really depends on market factors and the negotiating skills of your Realtor. Again, right now Buyers and their agents don’t have a lot of negotiating power and are even opting for “Void Only” inspections just to make their offer more attractive versus other offers. (A “Void Only” inspection allows the Buyer to void the contract if they find something that is displeasing to them during the inspection, but they can’t submit a list of repair requests to the Seller.) This is all the more reason — if the home is older and without updated appliances and systems — for a Buyer to talk to their Realtor about asking the Seller to consider paying for a Home Warranty. It’s a relatively small cash outlay — and again, can also protect the Seller from the beginning of the Listing Period through to Settlement.


If a Seller refuses to pay, a Buyer would be well advised to consider buying a Home Warranty on their own. Again, it’s peace of mind as a new homeowner. The last thing you want to be dealing with is costly repairs soon after moving into a home.

What Type of Home Warranty is Best?

There are many Home Warranty companies out there, and some are certainly better than others. You’ll want one that has five-star technicians who know what they’re doing — and who actually fix problems as opposed to taking a “band-aid” approach. When things can’t be properly fixed, you want a company that will pay for replacement. Some companies even offer “Maintenance” services like window cleaning, lock re-keying, carpet cleaning, and pest control for a small co-pay.

Whether a Seller or Buyer pays for a Home Warranty, it can be paid for at Closing.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about companies we recommend — or Home Warranties in general.

Buying a home is a major life decision. Not only is your home the place where you’ll spend a large amount of your time—and maybe even more time as the work-from-home trend continues—buying a home is a large financial investment.

As a result, homebuyers typically need a mortgage from a bank or other financial institution to supplement any cash they’re using for a down payment. Interest on this mortgage adds to the total of what you’re ultimately paying for the home over time.

One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic is all-time low mortgage rates. In May of 2000, 30-year fixed rate mortgages through government-sponsored lender Freddie Mac reached their most recent peak at 8.64%. Rates have declined relatively steadily over the last 20 years and have now hit all-time lows, dipping below 3% for the first time ever in July 2020.

Unfortunately, even though rates have come down since the COVID-19 pandemic set in, self-employed individuals and small business owners all over the country are now facing increased obstacles when it comes to applying for a mortgage.

What do mortgage lenders look for?

When applying for a mortgage—whether you’re self-employed or a W-2 employee—lenders want to make sure you are someone who will make consistent payments toward paying off the loan. Lenders want to ensure applicants have a good credit history, sufficient liquid assets available, a history of stable employment, and a low debt-to-income ratio.

To assess creditworthiness, mortgage lenders require borrowers to submit federal income tax returns from the last two years as well as recent pay stubs to ensure you have a steady income stream. However, because most self-employed people don’t receive pay stubs, they need to provide other documentation to prove financial stability.

What do self-employed individuals need to provide when applying for a mortgage?

Historically, most mortgage lenders required self-employed individuals to provide a two-year history of self-employment earnings to ensure that that income was stable and that the business (whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) was currently operating.

Now, in the COVID-era, mortgage lenders are requiring self-employed individuals to also supply a year-to-date profit and loss statement as well as at least two recent months of business bank statements.

Can self-employed individuals qualify for mortgages?

Yes, and—like with anyone else—if you have documented proof of good credit history, available liquid assets, history of stable employment, a low debt-to-income ratio, and patience with paperwork, receiving a mortgage loan can be just as straightforward for a self-employed person.

Can 15 West Homes help you apply for a mortgage?

There are lenders that actually specialize in helping self-employed individuals get a mortgage with a competitive rate. Please reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to pass along names and contact information to you. It’s always good to talk to a couple lenders as you begin the process.

Many of you may remember my post from a little over a year ago in which I introduced you to Birchwood at Brambleton, an “active adult” community for the 55+ set, nestled into the southeast corner of the award-winning master planned community of Brambleton in Loudoun County.

I’ve been a big fan of this neighborhood, in addition to the range of home styles, ever since I’ve visited. While there were initially three builders offering different home styles and floor plans, one (Miller and Smith) quickly sold out of their small number of lots. Both Van Metre and Tri Point Homes (formerly known as Winchester) continue to build, but lots for new homes have been selling faster than anticipated throughout the pandemic. And prices continue to go up, so if you’re interested in this community, you really owe it to yourself to take a look. (Give us a call, and we will set up an appointment and confirm current incentives.)


Photo courtesy of Van Metre

Birchwood at Brambleton Offers a Community Feel with Plenty to Do

I started working with a client right at the beginning of the pandemic last March, and after one weekend of looking at homes, she was sold on Birchwood, with all its amenities, great location, and close-knit community feel. It’s easy to meet people here, as everyone I’ve met is very friendly and looking to interact with neighbors (although, like other places, that’s limited now during the pandemic!). When things are able to get back to a more “normal” routine, you can expect to find things like cooking demos, wine tastings, live music, and other events available to residents each week. Plus, the gorgeous multi-level Clubhouse (shown at the top of this post) with soaring ceilings and walls of windows offers plenty of lounging space, work space, billiards, an indoor pool, workout rooms, a theater area for movies, an art studio, and a golf simulation area. Outside you’ll find pickle ball courts, an outdoor pool, fire pits, and decking overlooking the lake. There are plenty of walking trails, too.

Plans for Future Development of this Popular Community

Birchwood at Brambleton has plans to continue development on the eastern side of Loudoun County Parkway as well (right now there are just apartments). However, the developer has not yet released the lots to specific builders, and Van Metre was unsure of the exact timetable for that. There will be another Clubhouse on this eastern side (albeit smaller).


Photo courtesy of Van Metre

Current Inventory of Lots is Going Fast

Let me give you an update on what is still available in the way of new construction on the western side. (Of course, I can also help you with resales, although those are pretty limited in this new community at this time.) As I said, property values here continue to appreciate. For example, the base price of the 2-level Van Metre Towne home my client put a contract on back in late March of 2020 has already gone up $40,000 since then. With limited supply of new construction in active adult communities, the demand for homes in Birchwood will continue to outpace supply, making it a good long-term investment.

Two Builders Give You a Huge Range of Home Styles and Floor Plans

Van Metre offers the widest range of home styles, from one-level condos to various 2- and 4-story townhomes (some with elevators) to 3-level single family homes. A new series of condos, called “The Rise,” with parking spaces more accessible to owners’ individual units, has just been released for sale. Tri Point Homes offers two styles of attached homes, the Bungalows with three levels of living and the Carriages with two levels (no basement). As you would expect in a 55+ community, there are floor plans from each builder offering main level Primary Bedrooms and Baths, and there are multiple options for customization for each style of home. Both of these builders very much let you make your home your own, based on how you live. There are some really cool outdoor living features offered as well, including covered decks, 3-season rooms, and rooftop terraces like the one below.


Photo courtesy of Van Metre

Options Fit a Range of Size Preferences and Budgets

Square footage can range all the way up to about 4,000 square feet of living space in the single family Van Metre homes, and base prices run the gamut as well, depending on the style of home (condos start in the mid-$300s). Currently, the model home of the gorgeous Van Metre Towne “Bernstein” floor plan (the same floor plan my client purchased) with a Primary Bedroom on the Main Level, is for sale at $839,990 (Great Room shown below). Obviously, being the model, it has a ton of structural and design upgrades including an interior brick wall, a gourmet kitchen, and an expanded floor plan offering 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.


Photo courtesy of Van Metre

While I’m not at all surprised about the success of this neighborhood, there’s a new sense of urgency if you’re interested. Give Karen (703-585-3386) or Maggie (703-531-7363) a call if you’d like to preview the various home styles. Everything is by appointment only right now, and we can help you negotiate the best incentives from structural or design upgrades to closing costs.

2020. A year for the ages.

Loudoun County, Virginia has always been an opportunistic location to plant family roots, but in 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic, the lowest mortgage rates in decades, and low housing inventory made Loudoun even more of a hotspot for buyers looking to socially distance and embrace more suburban lifestyles.

At 15 West Homes, we were grateful to help more than 30 families either buy, sell, or rent a home this year, leading to more than $14 million in total sales volume. This was in great part due to the expansion of our team and continued support of our community.

Year in Review metrics graphic for 15 West Homes
  • Sales Volume = $14,147,000
  • Total transactions = 32
  • Buyers Served = 16
  • Sellers Served = 10
  • Renters Service = 6

In 2021, we look forward to once again serving families joining us, saying goodbye to, and staying put in Northern Virginia, in a year that’s shaping up to be one of the hottest seller’s market in Loudoun County’s history.

A graph looking at the 2020 real estate trends in Loudoun County, Virginia

The biggest challenge for buyers looking to move to Loudoun County in 2021 will be inventory. Over the last 20 years, there have only been 19 months where there were less than 800 active listings in Loudoun; 11 of those months were in 2020, and we can anticipate December being the 12th. This means buyers need to move quickly, while continuing to do their due diligence in terms of choosing the right home, making sure it’s inspected, and putting in a great offer.

On the flip side, sellers have a great opportunity to make some money on their real estate investments in 2021. Not only is inventory down and demand up, prices are soaring. Through November 2020, average sales price in Loudoun County was up more than $35,000 versus 2019; and in the second half of the year that number climbed to nearly $50,000 more. Additionally, offers are coming in quickly as homes are lasting a mere 18 days on the market on average in 2020 compared to 41 days in 2019.

All indications for the foreseeable future show that homes in Loudoun County will continue to sell. Low mortgage rates paired with the need for additional space in the suburbs, makes Loudoun an ideal location for families looking to move on from city life and take in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re looking to move to Loudoun County and enjoy the many things our community has to offer or you’re looking to move even further out of Washington, D.C.’s metropolitan region, 15 West Homes is here to help you whether you’re selling, buying, renting, or staying put.

Market stats provided by Dulles Area Association of Realtors®

If Q3 2020 was any indication, the real estate market in Northern Virginia is still on the rise. Homes are flying off the market at a record pace for more money than they have since our housing boom in the early 2000s. Location independence, outdoor expansion, the need for multi-purpose sanctuaries, and historically low mortgage rates are encouraging residents of Washington, D.C. and its immediate suburbs to set roots further west—in Loudoun County.

Homes Continue to Sell

When the coronavirus first caused shutdowns throughout the nation’s capital region in March, Q2 home sales in Loudoun County in stalled to six-year lows. However, those numbers quickly rebounded in Q3 when 2,023 residential units were sold, the most on record since Q3 2005. That trend also seems to be continuing as 737 homes were sold in October 2020, the most homes sold in October in more than 20 years. For reference, 538 homes were sold in Loudoun in October 2019.

Average Sales Price Continue to Rise

While the number of homes sold continues to trend upward, so does the average price. In Q3 2019, homes in Loudoun County sold for an average of $548,440. In Q3 2020, homes sold for an average of $613,333. The near 12% year-over-year increase is the highest increase in average sale price in Loudoun since 2004–2005. That trend continued into October when Loudoun homes sold for an average of $605,000, a 10% increase versus average sales price in October 2019.

The average home sale price in September 2020 was the highest average sales price for homes in Loudoun in a single month…ever. With inflation, increased home sale prices might seem normal, however, before September 2020, you had to look back to August 2005 for the month with the highest average home sale months in Loudoun.

Homes Continue to Fly Off the Market

Lastly, the listed homes in Loudoun are not lasting long. In Q3 2020, the average home in Loudoun was on the market for just over 18 days, the shortest amount of time on the market in more than 20 years. In Q3 2019, Loudoun homes were on the market for nearly double that at 35 days.

Are These Trends Here to Stay?

We are now nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and people and businesses are fully recognizing the benefits of remote work options. Technologies like Zoom, Google Docs, and Slack or Microsoft Teams mean that coworkers don’t have to be sitting in side-by-side cubicles to keep businesses moving forward. Additionally, many companies are reporting increased employee morale—due to better work-life balance and less time sitting on the Beltway—actually leading to increased productivity outside of the traditional office.

We saw the typically active spring market slide into summer and October was a major indicator that the typically active summer market will slide into the fall. Trends show that people are fully embracing wanting more space, more nature, and more privacy. And smaller communities outside of Washington, D.C. are embracing the changing needs of their changing demographics as well, adding new infrastructure, entertainment venues, restaurants, and shopping centers further supporting the westward shift in Northern Virginia’s home buying trends.

Whether you’re looking to move to Loudoun County and enjoy the many things our community has to offer or you’re looking to move even further out of Washington, D.C.’s metropolitan region, 15 West Homes is here to help you whether you’re selling, buying, renting, or staying put.

Market stats provided by Dulles Area Association of Realtors®

As you know, I (Karen) am a huge fan of the Carriage Homes in South Riding, VA, which happens to be my own hometown. 

We’re lucky to have a few pockets of Carriage Homes here in Loudoun County, but overall they’re pretty rare. South Riding happens to have three small sections: one along the golf course on Creek Run Terrace and Tremaine Terrace, one on the Fortitude Terrace loop off of Riding Center Drive, and a third tucked away on Londontown Terrace. 


A few months ago, I had another Carriage Home listing that sold in just seven days. We could have ratified a contract even sooner, but we had 40 showings on that property and wanted to wait until all offers came in. We ended up getting seven offers on the property. The point is…homes like this are in demand! 


Well, my personal opinion is that Carriage Homes are the perfect blend of a single family home and a townhome. Like a townhome, these attached structures are relatively low-maintenance with just a small yard to take care of. But the layout feels more like a single family home, without the “vertical” feel and narrow rectangular footprint of a townhome. (Note: Photos of rooms with furniture are “virtually staged.”)


Location, Location, Location…

This Carriage Home happens to be an end unit, which allows for more windows and some nice landscaping along the side. It’s situated on Fortitude Terrace, which is a quiet loop conveniently located off of Riding Center Drive and right near the World Trail exercise path. It’s also within walking distance of Liberty Elementary School and Freedom High School. In the opposite direction is the new Dulles South Recreation Center, complete with two pools, an indoor track, basketball courts, a rock climbing wall, fitness equipment, and group exercise rooms. It’s a county facility that’s open to the public either on a fee-per-visit or membership basis. 

But back to the Carriage Home and what makes it so special…


This home has been incredibly well maintained. It’s only 13 years old, but none of the systems/appliances are original. Both HVAC systems, the hot water heater, washer and dryer, refrigerator, wall oven and microwave, dishwasher, disposal, and garage door and opener have all been replaced/updated. There are numerous decorative touches, including walls of windows, cathedral ceilings, and Palladian windows. The Gourmet Kitchen has quality hardwood cabinetry, granite countertops, and a beautiful tile backsplash. The Master Bath has a soaking tub, double sinks, and upgraded tile adorning the shower and floor. 


Upon entering the home, you’re greeted by decorative columns in the two-story Living Room and gorgeous Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors throughout much of the Main Level. There’s also a Formal Dining Room with chair rail and crown molding — along with a beautiful chandelier — on the other side of the Foyer. 


Another hard-to-find feature of this particular model (a Toll Brothers Granview floor plan) is the Main Level Master Suite/Primary Bedroom. The extension of this Bedroom can be used as a quiet home office with a desk positioned to look out onto the back deck and pretty plantings. 


Plenty of Areas for Work-from-Home and Distance Learning…

The upstairs is a great domain for kids, with two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, and a large loft — which is perfect as a home study/distance learning space or for relaxing in front of the TV and playing video games, complete with surround sound. 


A rec room in the basement is large enough for multiple uses as well, whether it’s home entertainment, exercising, or a quiet work-from-home area. (The TV mounted here, as well as three others mounted in the home, convey.) There’s even space in the basement to carve out a fourth bedroom and add another bathroom (there’s already a bathroom rough-in). 


One of my favorite things about the house is actually the cute backyard oasis. A well-maintained Trex deck spills out onto landscaped beds of flowers and shrubs. There’s some privacy between neighbors, and the deck offers plenty of space for dining as a family, entertaining, and spreading out to work.

I know this property won’t last long, so give me a call at 703-585-3386 or email me at [email protected] if you’d like to see it.

In 2017, Gallup published its most recent iteration of its State of the American Workplace report stating that more than 75% of Americans work remotely at least once a week, 43% work remotely at least half time, and 20% work remotely full time.

Up until 2020, those numbers seemed to be on a slow and steady rise. Then in March of 2020, those numbers started to skyrocket due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Before working from home was a realistic, long-term option, home buyers and renters often wanted to live reasonably close to their offices in order to avoid long commutes—and in the D.C.-met, those long commutes were often unavoidable either way. As companies around the world start to recognize the long-term benefits of a remote workforce, and with public schools in Loudoun County introducing distance learning as the primary form of education for the time being, the needs of American home buyers continue to evolve. 

Dedicated office space

One of the major benefits of working from home is the opportunity for better work-life balance. However, without dedicated office spaces, work life often bleeds into home life. As more companies commit to at least partial remote work policies long term, buyers are looking for homes with dedicated office spaces where they can focus on work during working hours then physically leave work behind to spend time with their families. Even if you don’t have a traditional office space at home, there are ways to get creative with your interior design to utilize unconventional spaces as dedicated working areas.

Large outdoor space

A major concern from working from home is not spending enough time outdoors, so, now more than ever, home buyers are interested in houses with large, usable, outdoor spaces. Fenced yards to allow kids and pets to play without needing 100% adult supervision, covered decks where you can get some fresh air during the work day while limiting the glare off your computer screen, and patios where you can barbecue with family and friends in the evening and on the weekends are great features to help you spend more time outdoors. Additionally, houses near parks, recreation areas, and walking and hiking trails offer home buyers alternative and convenient outdoor spaces.

Updated, functional kitchens

The American kitchen is one of the most popular entertaining spaces for family and friends, so wanting an updated kitchen is nothing new. However, as restrictions on restaurants continue and with the additional time remote workers save by not having a commute, cooking at home has become more popular, so more than simply wanting an updated looking kitchen, home buyers are looking for more functional kitchens, including state-of-the-art appliances and creative storage options. 

Moving to the suburbs

When searching for more functional space—both indoors and out—the Loudoun County suburbs become an obvious choice. Even as growth continues, Loudoun maintains an excellent amount of green space with larger houses and larger lots than city living often allows for. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or stay put in Northern Virginia, 15 West Homes is here to help you make your house a home.

How have your home needs changed since schooling and working from home? Let us know on Facebook!

… and there’s no better time to answer

As “Zoom towns” boom in popularity, we are starting a new series intended to help you stay informed and aware of the ever-changing world in these unprecedented times. We hope you enjoy it!

Location, location, location: the motto of the real estate agent. And despite being a trope, it’s not wrong. When you consider where you’re going to set down stakes and live, you should always consider how close you are to everything that matters. Make sure you’re near good schools. That it’s only a quick jaunt to handy shopping and delicious dining. And that your job commute is short and sweet.

Under that criteria, it’s hard to find any sort of ideal location, location, location these days in the DC area. Any native can tell you, no matter where you live, it’ll take you at least 30 minutes to get ANYWHERE. And you’ll be paying for the convenience of a 30-minute commute with a hefty house price, crowds, and a lot less house. On the other hand, not sitting in an hour of beltway traffic on a hot Friday afternoon is worth it, right?

Except. Now you don’t have to.

Everyone says “Covid-19 has changed everything,” and that’s no less true than with real estate. Schools are online. Groceries and dinners are delivered. And most offices are embracing the idea of giving up the expense of brick and mortar real estate to become remote. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 minutes or three hours from the office—your cute Zoom meeting background won’t change. So why pay the hefty house price for the convenient commute that you’re not making?

And for these reasons, there has been a significant upswing in people migrating to “Zoom towns,” which are noted for offering a casual, more picturesque, and less expensive options—but because school and work are all online, they don’t come with a long commute to where the jobs are.

As Fannie Mae recently noted, “we are seeing some early signs of shifting buyer preference to locate to lower density areas.” And Redfin agrees: “there’s more demand—and less supply—for rural and suburban neighborhoods than cities as the pandemic influences homebuyer preferences.” But that doesn’t mean there are no options.

Over the course of this series, we’ll explore some of the “Zoom towns” around here.

Why Not Get More for Your Money?

Here are six out-there, but not-too-out there, neighborhoods where you can enjoy the gorgeous beauty of landscapes, the quiet peace of nature, and much more house for your money. Each of these communities are a perfect mix of the rural, scenic west, and the vibrant, urban east of Loudoun County.

  • Selma Estates—with quiet streets, sweeping meadows, and a Target and Starbucks a mere six miles away, this lovely neighborhood has the best of both worlds. 250 estates provide a small community feeling but with lots that range from half an acre to ten and views of mountains and sunsets, you won’t feel crowded.
  • Raspberry Falls—built around one of the most acclaimed golf courses in the country, which this community of 200 single family homes run between four and six bedrooms and includes neighborhood swimming and tennis amenities, parks and trails, and you can find both small town charm plus big-name retail and dining a short drive away.
  • Rokeby Farms—this great single-family residential community is just 3 miles down the road from historic Downtown Leesburg VA and features 4-6 bedroom homes, with up to 5300+ square feet of living space. Residents are surrounded by lots of activities and opportunity for adventure.
  • Tavistock Farms—350 single family homes and 213 townhomes makeup this community right in the heart of Northern Virginia – prime horse & wine country. A community farmhouse, a pool, tennis courts and playgrounds make it a perfect place for your family to grow and thrive.
  • Woodlea Manor—nestled between the historic charm of downtown Leesburg and the beauty of the Catoctin Mountains, this community of 467 single-family homes is a hop, skip, and jump away from history, nature, and all of life’s conveniences.
  • Meadowbrook—a brand new community just south of historic downtown Leesburg. With 400 single family homes that reflect the comfort and charm of small-town America, these spacious homes are inspired by the architectural legacy of rural Virginia, with homes offering up to six bedrooms and up to 4,000+ square ft of open floor plans.

Need to Escape?

One of the best parts of living in Northern VA is when you do feel like a commute, the ocean, the mountains, the nation’s capital, parks and lakes, wineries, and more are all about within a few short and easy hours away—as is Dulles International Airport in case you’d like to go just a little further.

In fact, within the immediate area, you can explore acres of natural beauty and real-life history with Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park—offering tours, living history events, trails, and outdoor programs. Other local parks provide waterslide and pool adventures, camping and cabins along the Potomac, and miles of natural trails for walking, hiking, and biking.

And, not so far away is the vibrant and growing Downtown Leesburg area that offers the quaint and quiet charm of your favorite small-town with independently owned shops, bars, and restaurants. Yet within a few miles down Rt. 7 either direction, you can find outdoor plazas boasting Wegmans, movie theaters, commercial retail, bowling alleys, world-class hospitals and schools, and anything else you need now—but that takes you half an hour or more to reach.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned as we continue uncover other hidden gems and “Zoom towns” as well as all the amazing things you can do in this area. If you’d like more details on any of the communities highlighted in this article, please reach out—I live, breathe, and love it here!

Maggie Hatfield
15 West Homes
[email protected]

Catching up with lender partner Michael Kenyon on the loan market! Interest rates have fallen through June and July amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Catching up with lender partner Michael Kenyon on the loan market! The market continues to shift amidst the COVID pandemic and businesses trying to get back to normal.

We recently talked with Kara MacDonald of Pruitt Title about title insurance. We often get questions from our clients about this topic and thought we’d ask an expert to share with us why title insurance is so important, the different options you have, and how you can potentially save some money next time you go to buy a home. Any questions, feel free to reach out to us! #GetToNoVA

Catching up with lender partner Michael Kenyon on the loan market! The market continues to shift amidst the COVID pandemic and businesses trying to get back to normal. We discuss what it looks like now and strategies for purchasing or refinancing.