Buying and selling homes should be an enjoyable experience. It’s that belief that Melanie wants to bring to everyone as their real estate agent.

Living in Virginia is Melanie’s dream come true. Raised in Chicago, she attended Northeastern Illinois University where she earned a degree in Business Management and worked for many years in Human Resources. Then on a vacation to visit family in Alexandria, Melanie realized where she wanted to be and almost immediately moved. With years of experience in Human Resources, she had developed problem-solving and customer service skills that made her a great fit for joining DC’s top special events & catering company. Melanie started to understand the city in a new way by experiencing the different neighborhoods and truly feeling what it was like to be a part of this iconic city.

Melanie’s sensibility, organization, and genuine love for helping others is how she wants to stand out in the real estate industry. She is here to be your guide and resource as you navigate through the challenging waters of the home buying and selling process, and she is determined to get the best possible results for you. Let Melanie learn about what you are looking for, and she can assure you that as your agent, she can help you get there.

When she’s not busy helping clients, Melanie enjoys exploring new cities and neighborhoods, eating at neighborhood restaurants, and running her puppy around at the dog parks.